Signs Your Roof May Have Hail Damage

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Northern Colorado is no stranger to hail storms. As a Loveland roofing company, one of the most common reasons we get called to help with roof repair and roof replacements is damage due to hail storms.

In 2018, there were over 50 reports of hail throughout towns and cities in Northern Colorado (Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, etc.). 

While softball-sized hail is possible — In 2016, Texas experienced 4.5-inch hailstones — and can cause a massive amount of damage, the truth is even much smaller-sized hail can damage roofs. 

One of the tricky things about hail damage is the effects aren’t readily obvious most of the time. Unlike devastating roof damage which can be seen even from afar, most hail damage can’t be seen from the ground. 

So unless you get up on a ladder to inspect your roof, the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” proves doubly true in this case. 

Signs Of Hail Damage

Minor hail damage can be difficult to spot without a professional eye. However, if you’re willing to do some climbing or walking around your home after a hail storm comes through, there are some signs you can check for yourself before calling a professional for repairs.

Here are some of the most common ways you can spot hail damage:

Check Roof Components: Skylights, Vents, Shingles

Climbing up onto your roof is the most effective way to check for hail damage. On your roof you can see whether you’ve got cracks on your skylight, dents in your chimney or vents, as well as inspect the shingles for damages.

When it comes to insurance claims, shingle damage is where the money is at. Without shingle damage, your insurance claim will be weak. Having a professional roof inspection will ensure nothing is missed.

However, if you’d like to stay on the ground for safety reasons — which we especially recommend for two story houses — the following tips can provide helpful clues.

Dents On Metal Components Like Gutters Or Downspouts

One of the most obvious places that dents will show up are on metal components. That’s why it’s a good idea to check your gutters for any damages. You may also be able to see damages on metal flashing or on the metallic components of your skylight.

Dings On Siding Or Windows

Your roof isn’t the only part of your house that can be affected by hail. Take a look at the siding and window sills to see if there are any signs of impact. If there’s damage in these places, it’s highly likely there is damage on your roof as well.

Check Your Air Conditioning System

This may be one of the easiest places to check for hail damage. Inspect the outdoor component of your HVAC unit to see if there are any dents. These units may also be covered by your insurance policy, so make sure to take special note of any damages you see.

Inspect Wooden Surfaces

Metal isn’t the only place where you’ll find signs of hail damage. If you’ve got a wooden deck or outdoor shed, you’ll be able to see dents or chips in the paint if hail has struck the surface. 

Schultz Roofing Is Your Hail Damage Roofing Contractor Of Choice 

At Schultz Roofing & Repair, we make hail inspection as easy as possible for our customers. If you’re worried about hail damage after a storm comes through town, simply contact us

We’ll send someone out for a free roof inspection and provide a written estimate for any needed repair work.

When it comes to roofing contractors in Loveland or the rest of Northern Colorado, you won’t find anyone with Schultz’s level of service, years of experience, or quality of results.

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