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Protect Your Investment With Quality Roof Repair

Flat roofs are a useful choice for both homes and businesses! On top of being relatively inexpensive to install, flat roofs provide a usable space to place air conditioning units, set up a nice and relaxing outdoor lounge area, or open up more interior space under your roof for use. However, flat roofs are prone to experiencing drainage issues that can cause them not to last as long as other types of roofs — that is, if you don’t have a quality roof repair contractor by your side!

At Schultz Roofing & Repair, we’ve developed a sterling reputation throughout Northern Colorado for our trustworthy roofing services and superior customer service. When you choose us, you can be confident that all your roof repair work will be completed to the highest quality standards, all at a reasonable rate. To get started with a free roof inspection and written estimate, give us a call today! We look forward to serving your needs and showing you why we’re Northern Colorado’s top choice for roofing services.

Choose Schultz Roofing & Repair for Experienced Flat Roof Work:

  • Trusted and proven roofing company serving Northern Colorado since 2008
  • More than 30 years of combined experience in the roofing industry
  • We offer top-tier financing options, so you can complete your roofing
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  • Great ratings on Google and Top Rated Local®
  • An official Business Pick of the Denver Broncos
  • Full range of residential and commercial roofing services
  • Top-quality roofing services backed with a workmanship guarantee

Northern Colorado’s Finest Roofing Contractor

In Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and the greater Front Range, Schultz Roofing & Repair is the company to call for commercial and residential flat roof repair and installation. The team at Schultz Roofing has decades of experience and is happy to provide a free inspection and estimate for your flat roof repair or new installation.

When to Repair a Flat Roof

If your flat roof is leaking, chances are that it needs to be repaired, or even replaced.

With a free roof inspection, we will be able to identify what is causing your flat roof to leak and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. If the damage is a result of recent storm damage, we’ll help you navigate the insurance claim process and work to get you the maximum possible payout.

Depending upon the type of flat roof you have, the useful lifespan for your roof could be anywhere from 5 to 15 years. For instance:

  • As a single-ply thermoplastic membrane, TPO roofs are designed to last 15 to 20 years
  • PVC roofing, which is the longest lasting single-ply membrane, offers a 25 to 35-year life span
  • Modified bitumen only lasts 10 to 15 years
  • EPDM rubber is designed to last 50 years but with harsh weather conditions may only last 10-12 at best
  • Rolled asphalt, which is almost never used today, only lasts 5 to 7 years

Beyond the age of your flat roof, you can also look for signs of damage or improper roof sealing. 

Call Schultz Roofing out for a roof inspection if you notice any of the following:

  • Water stains or discolored areas on your walls or ceilings
  • Grit or rubble in your gutter runoff
  • Blistering or peeling exterior paint
  • Spikes in your energy bill

Here’s some of the things our
customers have to say about us:

When to Replace a Flat Roof

Replacing your flat roof can be expensive, that’s why maintaining your flat roof is a must. If your roof is old or was not installed properly and is causing moisture issues, a new roof may be warranted. 

At Schultz, one of the ways we offer top-tier service for our customers is to explain our wide range of flat roofing options. Whether it's for your residential or commercial property, you want a roofing company who will offer you the best roof for your needs — not simply give you the roofing system that offers them the largest profit margin.

Failing to replace a faulty roof in a timely manner can cause larger, more extensive damage.  Again, a free roof inspection can help you to mitigate potential problems before they become expensive. While we’ll never recommend a flat roof replacement unless it’s absolutely warranted, it’s always best to be in the know when it comes to the condition of your roof.

Flat Roof Inspections

Because flat roofs are flat, meaning they have very little slope, pooling water, snow, and ice can accumulate. Because of this, it is important to inspect your flat roof periodically. When snow and ice accumulate and add excessive weight accumulations to your flat roof, structural damage can occur.

We recommend yearly inspections of your flat roof. We specifically look for structural integrity issues, such as wood rot and soft spots. We’ll also examine the flashings, seams, attachment points, and check for cracks at corners and joints.

If your roofer is older, it may have drainage holes. Schultz also inspects those also to ensure water can runoff from the building.  With our flat roof inspections, we assess all damage, looking for punctures, aging, ponding water, leakage, and any signs of stress.


Get a Free Flat Roof Inspection And Price Quote

If your flat roof has seen better days, it’s time to get in touch with the roofing experts at Schultz Roofing & Repairs. As Northern Colorado’s roofing company of choice, we offer a roofing service that simply can’t be beat. 

Simply check out our online reviews (Google, Facebook, Top Rated Local®) to see what our customers have to say about their experience working with us.

For more information on flat roofs or to schedule your FREE flat roof inspection, call us today at (970) 331-0935 or use our contact form!

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